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Carl Semler shoe factory. Comfort shoes since 1863.


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Thanks to a variety of technical innovations and comfort functions, you will find the right shoe for almost every requirement in our collections. Experience the unique Semler comfort – your feet will love you for it!

Removable footbed

Our shoes with Vario footbed or removable footbed offer you space for your individual insoles. This means you can tailor your Semler shoes perfectly to your feet and your needs.

Air cushion sole

With the light and flexible Semler air cushion sole you will experience perfect rolling behavior and an incredibly comfortable running experience. In combination with individual insoles, you can adapt shoes with air cushion soles perfectly to your individual needs thanks to the Vario footbed.


Thanks to the gentle rolling effect and optimal shock absorption, the "EasyRoll" sole offers a unique, dynamic wearing experience. Continuous air cushioning ensures comfortable cushioning. The non-slip and robust sole gives you safety and stability on any surface. With their super light weight, these shoes are an absolute must-have - and there's even room for your individual insoles!


Thanks to elastic stretch inserts, these shoes are particularly suitable for sensitive and sensitive feet. Specially developed for Halux Valgus, the partially inserted functional material reduces pressure on the foot and ensures unique comfort.

Individually adjustable

Discover shoes from Semler with individual adjustment options for perfect support and optimal comfort. Thanks to Velcro fasteners, buckles, etc., you can adapt the fit of the shoes perfectly to your needs and your individual comfort level. Perfectly tailored to you!


Semler "SuperSoft" shoes are equipped with shock absorption made of particularly soft PU foam. The shoes are not only super light and flexible thanks to the Semler air cushion sole, but also washable and durable. With the non-slip outsole you maintain your grip on any surface. The Semler Vario footbed offers additional space for individual insoles.

Variable shaft width

Thanks to the use of soft, high-quality stretch materials and elastic bands, these boots fit perfectly on every calf. The flexible shaft width not only ensures an individual fit and maximum comfort, but also a harmonious look.

Comfort functions

In addition to the well-known features such as the removable footbed for individual orthopedic insoles or the air cushion sole, our shoes offer a variety of comfort functions such as particularly flexible, elastic materials for sensitive feet or entry aids such as zippers or Velcro.

Lambskin lining

Immerse yourself in the comfort of Semler shoes with warm lambskin lining - ideal for the cold winter months. The soft lambskin provides pleasant warmth and is particularly breathable to keep your feet dry and healthy. Our shoes come in a variety of colors and styles, from classic to trendy, offering a perfect combination of comfort and style.

Deer leather

Deerskin is known for its high stretch, breathability and softness. Our leather comes from wild deer and is carefully processed to produce shoes that meet the highest standards of comfort and flexibility.